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Solar - Electric - Human Powered Safety Motorcycle

  • Human, solar and electric powered

  • Enclosed cabin provides the safety of an automobile and the maneuverability of a motorcycle
  • Small side wheels retract when the Sun Shark is in motion.
  • The center of gravity is much lower than a conventional motorcycle which increases the stability and maneuverability.
  • Cabin interior is quite, warm and when it rains, it is dry!
  • Far superior aerodynamics than a conventional motorcycle. Pound for pound, the Sun Shark is much more efficient .

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The DIDIK SUN SHARK safety motorcycle. The SUN SHARK is powered by a combination of human, solar and electric energy and is designed with improved safety and handling when compared with either a conventional motorcycle or a bicycle. The center of gravity is much lower than either a conventional motorcycle or a bicycle and therefor the DIDIK Sun Shark has superior handling. The driver sits between the front and rear wheels rather than on top of the rear wheel as is the case with almost all motorcycles. This lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle while at the same time increases driver safety since it allows both a front and rear "crash zone" in the event of an accident. The aerodynamic housing allows for faster speeds using the same amount of energy. In addition, he SUN SHARK's enclosed housing greatly increases driver protection in the event of an accident or a "spill out". The enclosed housing also is considerably more comfortable than a conventional motorcycle since it can easily be driven in the rain and provides a much quieter interior. Listening to the radio in an air conditioned cabin is a true joy while driving on long trips. The two side wheels retract one the vehicle after the vehicle is moving. The DIDIK SUN SHARK, which is powered by two electric motors, is capable of speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. The solar panel on the roof of the DIDIK SUN SHARK consists of eight amorphous silicon photovoltaic cells which are approximately eight percent efficient. The solar panel increases the daytime motorized driving range of the vehicle by an estimated 22 percent. The DIDIK SUN SHARK consists of a steel chassis and frame with a fiberglass body and blown polycarbonate windshield. The total weight of the prototype is 220 lbs, without batteries. The gross weight with two high capacity deep cycle lead acid batteries and a 225 driver/payload is 600 lbs. The vehicle is 9 feet long and 27 1/2 inches wide and is designed to go through a standard sized doorway. The same enclosed cockpit design can also be used in for gasoline powered motorcycles. July 1998

This is one of many concept vehicles designed and built over the past twenty years by the industrial designer Frank Didik who specializes in transportation design and technology for the next generation of conventional vehicles. If you represent a manufacturing enterprise or a transportation authority, you are invited to contact us to discuss your particular need and we will do our best to provide you with a fresh new innovative look at your existing and proposed project. All communications are deemed confidential to the degree that the internet provides. RFP's are welcome and given quick, thoughtful attention.

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