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Didik Duplexity
A Foldable Scooter for Three!
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Features Include:

  • Foldable

  • Holds 3 people
  • Electric lights
  • Storage trunk!
  • Strong and well built
  • Comfortable to ride

  The Didik Duplexity is a whimsical fun human powered (non-motorized) vehicle designed to safely carry three adults. It is ideal for families and friends who want to ride together. At any given time, up to two people can propel the scooter with leg power and at the same time, a passenger can have a "free ride" by sitting on the comfortable formed seat. For convenience, the Didik Duplexity is equipped with a relatively large trunk (1.5 cubic feet (approximately 30 cm x 30 cm x 43 cm)) which is ideal for carrying cameras, picnic supplies, change of clothes and tools. The trunk is made out of strong sheet steel and it is lockable. The Duplexity has removable handlebars and is foldable. It is so small when folded that it can fit into the trunk of a tiny Ford Aspire, VW, Fiat, Renault and similar sub-compact cars.

  The vehicle has a variety of safety features which are designed for accident avoidance. Safety features include a very well built frame, a large number of warning reflectors and reflective tape, battery powered high intensity flashing lights as well as a horn and a multi view mirror. In addition, the combination orange/yellow color scheme makes the Duplexity highly visible. The Didik Duplexity is equipped with an effective foot brake which is controlled by the front driver. As with all two wheeled vehicles, it is advisable that riders should always wear safety helmets, even for short, low speed trips. Accidents are never planned and it can potentially take only one accident to cause serious injury.

The Didik Duplexity is designed to be quickly collapsed to facilitate transport. It can be completely assembled/disassembled in 60 seconds.

DISTRIBUTOR OPPORTUNITY: A slightly smaller version of Didik Duplexity is being planned for the general market place. Opportunities for distributors, particularly in the field of toys, bikes and scooters exist. If you have existing clientele and you wish to explore distribution possibilities, please contact us by email. All distributor inquiries are held in strict confidence.

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