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Didik Long Ranger

Hybrid Electric Vehicle


DIDIK LONG RANGER (tm) The Didik Long Ranger is a hybrid gasoline/electric powered vehicle based on the former CitiCar/Commutacar of the 1970's updated and capable of carrying 3 adults at speeds of up to 53 miles per hour. The vehicle also incorporates solar panels to assist in charging and maintaining the special batteries as well as increasing the effective range. The Didik Long Ranger has a TRUE range of up to 70 miles per charge or 100 miles per day. In the event that the driver travels beyond this range, the built in gasoline engine can be used in an emergency to propel the Long Ranger at slower speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, for an indefinite range. The Didik Long Ranger incorporates updated structural and design technologies. The Didik Long Ranger is constructed of welded aluminum tubing and is built to aircraft standards. The vehicle is 8 feet (96") long, 5.5 feet (54") wide, 4.8' high and weighs approximately 2100 lbs. The Didik Long Ranger can comfortably accommodate 3 people, is reliable and easy to maintain and has excellent "sports car" handling owing to its particularly low center of gravity, primarily due to its substantial battery weight. The innovative Didik Long Ranger is a highly modified version of the Citicar/Commutacars of the 1970's. It was redesigned and modified by Frank Didik who has built a large number of electric powered vehicles, aircraft and racing vehicles since the early 1980's.


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