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Innovative Power Generation Systems and consultantcy

  Thank you for your interest in DIDIK power generation technologies and consultantcy This site provides an overview of areas of our research and consultantcy

Who can benefit from DIDIK™ services?

   Utilities exploring new business opportunities

  Ž Utilities seeking additional knowledge on restructuring

   Government energy planners

  Ž Energy Service Companies

  Ž Power Engineering Companies

  Ž Generator Equipment Companies

  Ž Renewable Energy Companies

  Ž Power Generation Consultants

  Ž Waste Management Companies

  Ž Water Treatment Companies

  Ž Banks, Insurance and Investment Companies


Areas of consultantcy

   Renewable Energy Power Generation

   Centralized and Distributed Power Generation Technology

   Deregulation issues

   Environmental Issues

   Power Generation Business Issues


 We can also provide you with technical support and equipment related to renewable energy power generation. All projects are custom designed for needs of the client. If you would like additional information or would like a quote on an existing or impending project, kindly contact us and a senior executive will contact you. Thank you again for your interest.

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