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Didik Muscle Car

Human - Solar - Electric Powered Vehicle

  • Holds 3 people

  • Human, solar and electric powered
  • Removable solar panel
  • Top speed 21 MPH
  • Top is removable
  • Designed to be carried through a standard doorway, which makes it ideal for apartment dwellers

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The Didik Muscle Car is a unique human/solar electric powered vehicle capable of carrying 3 adults at speeds of up to 21 mile per hour. The vehicle is human powered (one or two people can pedal) with an auxiliary solar/electric propulsion system.

  It incorporates the latest structural and design technologies available today. On electric power alone, the vehicle is capable of speeds of up to 14 miles per hour. The Didik Muscle Car can be driven as a convertible or with its unique, aerodynamic, all weather top. The Didik Muscle Car is constructed of welded thin wall steel tubing and is built to racing car standards. Though primarily human powered, the Didik Muscle Car is considerably safer then a standard bicycle. Safety features includes standard automobile height front and rear crash bumpers, front halogen headlights as well as a large array of rear and side warning lights. When driven with the top up, the top acts as a safety roll bar.

The steering column is adjustable. The vehicle is 8 feet (96") long, 5 feet (54") wide and 6' high (with top up). The Didik Muscle car can be made to go through a standard household doorway (28"). The vehicle was designed to comply with New York State regulations pertaining to human powered vehicles and is therefor not required to be insured or registered. The Didik Muscle Car is very comfortable to ride in and indescribably fun to drive! The DIDIK Muscle Car is a concept vehicle designed to show that a comfortable, environmentally safe vehicle can be built that is efficient, safe and fun to drive. Though the vehicle is not intended for general production, the projected cost of the vehicle, if it were to be produced is estimated to be around $2400. If you would like additional information, please contact us. The Didik Muscle Car was designed and built by Frank Didik who has designed a large number of solar, electric, hybrid, and human powered vehicles.

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