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Thank you very much for your interest. For a complete press and media information kit including current press releases, color transparencies, color photographs, black and white photographs and video news releases (available in all formats and world standards), kindly send an e-mail message including your name, company name, postal address, telephone number, and fax number and a senior company executive will immediately forward the requested information to you. If you have special media needs, we will do our very best to accommodate you. Thank you again for your interest.


DIDIK alternate energy vehicle links:

Didik Main Menu for alternate vehicles
How DIDIK Vehicles are Designed
Didik Muscle Car
Foldable Didik Muscle Car
Didik Shooting Star
Didik Sun Shark - Safety Motorcycle
Didik Arctic Exporer
Didik Long Ranger
Didik Simplicity
Didik Duplexity
Hovercraft (non Didik design)
DIDIK Human Powered Bus
Licensing Information for Manufacturers and Resellers
Electric Vehicle CD-ROM
Electric Car Owners Club
How Build an Electric Car (Smithsonian Institute Talk)
Didik Turtle (or how to build an electric car in 14 hours)
Critical assessment of electric vehicles
History of Electric Vehicles from 1834 to 1987

Other DIDIK EV and Energy Related Menus

Electric Car Owners Club Main Menu
Solar Energy Research Main Menu

To receive information on DIDIK VEHICLES, CD-Roms, obtain a press kit or the Electric Car Owners Club:

 Electric Vehicle Registration Page

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