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DIDIK Foldable Muscle Car


Prototype Foldable DIDIK Muscle Car

The FOLDABLE DIDIK MUSCLE CAR is a unique human powered vehicle capable of carrying 2 adults. The vehicle is human powered (one or two people can pedal) and can be equipped with an auxiliary electric motor as well as auxiliary solar panels. It incorporates unique structural and design technologies. The vehicle is designed to be folded and carried to into ones apartment or home for storage. The FOLDABLE DIDIK MUSCLE CAR is ideal for city dwellers, college students, travelers and all health and environmentally conscious people and for anyone who wants to have fun!

Some of the many features of the FOLDABLE DIDIK MUSCLE CAR include:

  • Two people, sitting side by side, can pedal at the same time.

  • It is much more social and relaxing to travel in the FOLDABLE DIDIK
  • MUSCLE CAR then on a conventional bicycle. It is also better and safer for small children passengers then conventional bicycles.
  • Unlike a conventional bicycle, the FOLDABLE DIDIK MUSCLE CAR can not fall down.
  • FOLDABLE DIDIK MUSCLE CAR is great for exercise...why run all day in a health club when you can pedal around town?
  • With the auxiliary night package, the FOLDABLE DIDIK MUSCLE CAR is much safer then a conventional bicycle since it includes both headlights, tail lights and side lights to alert other conventional car drivers of your presence.
  • With the optional all weather package, the FOLDABLE DIDIK MUSCLE CAR can be driven in the rain, while you are kept dry!
  • With the optional electric drive assist system, you can travel uphill much easier then with a conventional bicycle.
  • The FOLDABLE DIDIK MUSCLE CAR can be equipped with auxiliary solar panels to assist you in recharging the batteries for the auxiliary electric drive assist system.


Prototype Foldable DIDIK Muscle Car

This is one of many concept vehicles designed and built over the past twenty years by the industrial designer Frank Didik who specializes in transportation design and technology for the next generation of conventional vehicles. If you represent a manufacturing enterprise or a transportation authority, you are invited to contact us to discuss your particular need and we will do our best to provide you with a fresh new innovative look at your existing and proposed project. All communications are deemed confidential to the degree that the internet provides. RFP's are welcome and given quick, thoughtful attention.


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