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Frank Didik Solar, Electric, Human, Hybrid Powered Vehicles
How They Are Designed

Frank Didik, in his greenhouse which serves as his workshop. The "Shooting Star" prototype (a hybrid vehicle) is shown in the foreground.

  Frank Didik's vehicles bridges the gap between art and technology. Mr Didik designs his vehicles using the best materials for the job. These materials include, though are not limited to steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, fiber glass, plastics and wood. The vehicles are designed with the specific end use in mind. The vehicles must function well, be comfortable to use, reliable, easy to repair and, be safe. The vehicles are also designed to comply with local transportation laws. An attempt is also made to make the vehicles aesthetically pleasing, though function always take precedence over form in Frank Didik's designs. As a matter of course, design decisions and to a certain degree, compromises are made throughout the development and construction of the vehicles. Compromises include form versus function, strength verses weight, cost versus speed, to name mention just a few. Safety, however, is never compromised.

  When considering any new project, Frank Didik, who maintains an extensive personal library of over 2,000 reference books and journals, takes a fresh look at everything that is presently available and incorporates all new recent design and technology elements into the vehicle and, most importantly, developes improved technology, material and manufacturing know-how. The purpose is not to make change for the sake of change but rather to create a new and better approach to a particular transportation need.

Frank Didik, who has been designing concept vehicles for over 20 years, specializes in transportation design and technology. If you represent a manufacturing enterprise or a transportation authority, you are invited to contact us to discuss your particular need.

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