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The DIDIK™ Arctic Explorer

A Hybrid vehicle for land, snow, ice, sand and water


  The uniquely designed and specially engineered Didik Arctic Explorer is designed to be used in a cold weather, rough terrain environment. The craft, which can accommodate either two or four people, depending on the configuration, is capable of traveling on land, snow, ice, sand and water. It employs two modes of propulsion including a rubberized paddle wheel device which is capable of pushing snow and water as well as traction on the ground. On ice, water and sand, it also employs a 40" dual blade propeller, which pushes the vehicle along, regardless of the ground traction. Entry into the Didik Arctic Explorer is through two extra large, gull-wing type doors. The front of the craft contains two, high impact resistant windows, which, when in water, allows the occupants to see under water clearly. The craft is heated. The vehicle is not designed for high speed, though it



is capable of traveling at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour on dry land and snow, 7 miles per hour on water, and 45 miles per hour on ice. The craft includes side and frontal impact bumpers, head, tail and spot lights and numerous other long range safety features.

DIDIK Arctic Explorer is now being produced on a limited basis. The base price is $5500 and includes all standard features. The vehicle is not licensed for use on public roads.

  For additional sales or manufacturer licensing information, please e-mail your name, postal address, telephone and fax number, and e-mail address. Thank you for your interest.

  This is one of many concept vehicles designed and built over the past 20 years by the industrial designer Frank Didik who specializes in transportation design and technology for the next generation of conventional vehicles. If you represent a manufacturing enterprise or a transportation authority, you are invited to contact us to discuss your particular need and we will do our best to provide you with a fresh new innovative look at your existing and proposed project. All communications are deemed confidential to the degree that the internet provides. RFP's are welcome and given quick, thoughtful attention.


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