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Related Links The following is a database of over 200 sites covering solar, electric, human and hybrid vehicles as well as other transportation and energy related topics. These sites are not endorsed but rather are provided to assist ev, energy and related enthusiasts. We welcome suggestions on sites that may be of interest.


Electric Car Owners Club Main Menu
History of the CitiCar and CommutaCar
Driving an Electric Vehicle
CitiCar and CommutaCar Parts List
Electric Vehicle CD-ROM
Citicar Catalog from 1975
CitiCar Wiring Diagrams
Critical view of Electric Cars (must read before you buy or build)
ComutaCar Catalog and specifications from 1980
How Build an Electric Car (Smithsonian Institute Talk)
History of Electric Vehicles from 1834 to 1987
Natural Gas Vehicles
Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center
Alternative Fuel Systems, Inc.
American Hydrogen Association
Arcata Electricar - Electric Vehicle Sales
ARPA Electric and Hybrid Vehicle National Data Center
Association to Promote Electric Vehicles
Azure Dynamics Inc.
Ballard Power Systems Inc.
Brusa Electronik
Electric Blue Racing
CALSOL UCLA Berkeley Solar Vehicle Project
Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd.
Carolinas Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuels Newsletter
Cars-HQ Many useful links
Centre for Alternative Transportation and Fuels
City Bee by PIVCO Well known Scandinavian Electric Car which received special permission to be imported to the US
Cornell University Electric vehicle site
Denver Electric Vehicle Council
Didik Main Menu for alternate vehicles
How DIDIK Vehicles are Designed
Didik Muscle Car
Foldable Didik Muscle Car
Ford Regional Alternate Energy Vehicle Dealership
Didik Shooting Star
Didik Sun Shark - Safety Motorcycle
Didik Arctic Exporer
Didik Long Ranger
Didik Hovercraft
DIDIK Human Powered Bus
Licensing Information for Manufacturers and Resellers of Didik Vehicles
DOE - Alternative Fuels Data Center
ASNE Dutch Electric Car Association
http://www.rqriley.com Robert Q. Riley Enterprises - sells plans for three-wheel cars, electric and hybrid vehicles, submarines, personal watercraft, hovercraft and more.
Eco-Motion Electric Cars
eCycle Electric motorcycles
Edison Electric Vehicle
Electrathon America
Electric Auto Association
Electric Auto Association - Silicon Valley Chapter One of the oldest electric vehicle organizations started in the late 1960's
Electric Auto Corporation
Bicycles - Electric Powered
ZAP Electric Bikes
Bowling Green State University Electric Car program
University of Warwick EV
University of Illinois EV
 Electric Kart Company
EMB, Inc. Electric Motorcycles
Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas
Electric Vehicles of America, Inc.
TinET Swiss
Electric Vehicle Systems
University of South Florida EV Site
Korea Battery Company
Electric Vehicles Northwest
www.kartelec.com Electric go-carts



ELECTRILITE Electric Commuter Vehicle
EV Information Network
EV Select
EV World
Fiat - Electric Vehicle -Seicento Elettra
Ford Motor Company Alternate energy vehicles
Global Electric Auto Association
General Motors - EV1 information page
Global Electric Motorcars, LLC
Green Car Journal
GreenWheels Company Conversions
Hawaii Electric Vehicle ARPA
University of Wisconsin
Home Power Magazine
Honda EV Plus
ETH (Swiss) Hybrid III
 Michigan Tech University EV program
US Naval Academy Student EV project
University of Alberta EV project
University of Florida Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Virginia Tech EV Program
Minutia (Micro Car Club)
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
University of Minnesota Electric (Solar) Vehicle Program
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Company
Netherlands Energy Research Foundation - EII database
Northeast Alternative Vehicle Consortium
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
OMNI Instruments Electric Bike kits
Electric Skate Boards and similar
Robert Q. Riley Enterprises Plans for Cars, Vans, Hovercraft
Riscio three wheel electric car from Italy
Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association
Iowa State University Electric Car Program
 MIT Solar electric car program
 Queen's University Electric car program
Solectria Corporation Converts new vehicles from gas to electric.
Sparrow , Inc. 3 wheel single passenger electric vehicle. Four were shown in NYC
STRIGEAR Japanese Hybrid car
Drexel University EV program
Sunrayce '97
Porsche 914 ev conversion
Solar Energy Research Main Menu
Toyota's Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Toyota Prius
Trident HEV
Ultralight Rail for Santa Cruz
Unique Mobility, Inc.
West Virginia University Electric Race Car
Wilde EVolutions, Inc.
Worlds Lightest Bicycle
ZAP Power Systems Electric bicycles, and kits
Zebra Motors, Inc. (Tropica)
Zutter Electric Vehicles Inc.


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