Vanguard Citicar 1974-1976
Production: about 2600
Frank Didik, May 2000


  The Vanguard Citicar was America's answer to the oil crises of 1973 and was produced from late 1974 till early 1976. About 2600 CitiCars were produced during this period. The Citicar was manufactured Seabring Florida and was the brain child of Bob Beaumont, who was from upstate New York and owned a car dealership (today, Mr. Beaumont is in Maryland and again owns a successful car dealership). The complete Citicar history is outlined by the excellent book entitled "The Lost Cord". In 1977, the Vanguard company was broken up and sold piece by piece at auction. Frank Flowers of New Jersey, purchased most of the production line and parts of the Vanguard company and redesigned the vehicle and named it the ComutaCar. The Comutacar had a number of refinements over the Citicar including a larger motor (5HP and 8HP), glass side windows, larger crash bumpers a functioning hatchback and other improvements. About 2000 ComutaCars were produced from 1978 till 1981. I spoke to Mr. Flowers a number of times between 1985 and 1987. He mentioned that he had been offered the "Citicar" name for $800 but decided that he wanted an entirely new name. Mr. Flowers was known for his mobile homes and also started the company Electric Mobility which is a well known producer of electric wheel chairs and other electric assist vehicles. In 1986, Mr. Flowers ran an ad in the New York Times classified section offering to sell the ComutaCar company, parts and a number of vehicles for $200,000 (US). His primary concern was that the ComutaCar employees be taken care of. Mr. Flowers passed away in the late 1980's.


Below, is a reprint of one of the original Citicar Catalogs from 1975.




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